Avery Write

Performed in Sofar Sacramento, Vancouver and Seattle

Avery Write has taken creativity to a whole new level. From Sacramento, CA and the same camp that launched both Hobo Johnson and The Philharmonik, Hip hop artist/Author Avery Write has connected all of his endeavors into one giant work of art. By combining his Novel, Heroic, with a companion hip hop album, and a newly released comic book series, Avery has produced an entirely new form of expression in the hip hop realm. Heroic, is the story of a young black sword wielding hero who battles with not only depression but whether or not to do the right thing in a post apocalyptic world where heroism had been outlawed. The accompanying Heroic album gives listeners insight into the protagonist’s thoughts and feelings, specifically his depression, by telling the story from Revenant’s perspective while the novel is from outside perspectives.   Upon the release of the novel, Avery Write opened for Lupe Fiasco in San Francisco with a performance of the Heroic stage show, reminiscent of Lin Manuel-Miranda’s Hamilton, as a hip hop musical that dazzled in its California debut. Avery was able to wow the crowds with powerful songs and lyrics coupled with a skilled cast and story that displayed Heroic's range of emotions such as love, loss, pain, anger, and depression.    Oh, and all while wielding swords. Now in 2020, Avery Write has released the Heroic Comic series (also gifted to Lupe Fiasco), the first Single from the Heroic Album, “Round Here”, a song that brings the pages of his comic to life, and he is currently on a tour across the west coast that ends with his official SXSW showcase on March 21st. It should be clear that this Hero’s journey is just beginning.

No videos are available yet for Avery Write