Generating well-deserved buzz in the independent music scene with the release of their debut album “Inner Play”, boasting to be the first OPM double vinyl release on 45 rpm, APARTEL braves the paradox of the “supergroup”, breaking the listener’s expectations of its’ members histories. Fusing soul, funk, blues, and the right amount of crooner-ism — Apartel penetrates moods from excitement to heartbreak, all cruising under the umbrella of rock n roll. Fronted by Filipino music icon Ely Buendia — and backed by a strong assembly of players, a veritable wrecking crew with Coco Coo and Redge Concepcion (guitars), Jun Lazo (bass), Pat Sarabia (drums), Deej Rodriguez (percussion), with Ryan Goan (keys), Wawi Ansano, Pards Tupas, and Joseph Cabañero (horns) and Donna Señoran, Diane Sagun, and Telay Robles (back up vocals), this is one band that will not go unnoticed.

No videos are available yet for Apartel