Ana Munteanu

Performed in Sofar Chicago

I was born in the Republic Of Moldova, in a family of actors, and have been passionate about music since childhood. The epic ballads, the ancient lullabies of my country's folklore filled my soul. The Psalms sung in the children's choir made me humble and happy. I discovered jazz music while in high school and later went to study vocal performance at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts in Chisinau. The following years brought challenge, despair and joy, a big desire of learning and a lot of performances with students, teachers and musicians I admired. My work is inspired by singers and poets I love. It reflects me and my life. I'm fascinated by the human voice, and feel very fortunate to be singing myself. I like exploring musical grounds, finding pieces of music that create moods and carry a message that resonates with other people. My raison d'être is staying faithful to the art of song, which is made (like any other art) to brig people to themselves, to whom they truly are.

Videos by Ana Munteanu