Alberto Giurioli

Performed in Sofar London

Knowing what to do about your life is never easy. Sometimes, talent is hidden and you have to feed it to see it growing…and so did Alberto. Since he was 4 years old, he proved to be promising and he did everything he could to improve himself. He studied hard and followed his dream to become a composer, to make people feel emotions through his songs...and he made it. From newspapers to Tv appearances, from a small city to a big one. He’s still pursuing his dream, no matter the sacrifice. Alberto created songs capable of touching hearts: from Infinity, which had a great feedback in Sanremo’s Festival of Authors, to the last One Note, now included in two Spotify UK charts. The video of his performance at the St Pancras Station almost reached 35.000 views, proving that this guy has what it takes to succeed. Following Yourself is not just a song or the result of an important collaboration with Geoff Lawson. It’s kind of a mantra for him. So amaze yourself, because Tutto è bellissimo.

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