Abc Dialect

Performed in Sofar London

Abc Dialect formed in 2017 by London-based Argentinians, Tomás Susevich and Luca Oliva Knight. The two producers now work out of their recently relocated studio in Barcelona. Collectively, the two have dedicated years of their lives honing their unique and palatable sound. A sound that features live electronic instrumentation, melodic ‘radio-friendly’ vocals and funky rhythm. Their records are a culmination of genuine songwriting and up-beat production as well as deep intended organic sound. The origin of their name was inspired by a trip to Japan. While traveling, the duo realized the dialect of their music was much different than that of other cultures on the eastern side of the world. The duo selected their name as a play on words addressing the dialect in which their music is created; with goal of having their music universally accepted by all. The duo has released two EPs to this date and is now about to release their first album titled “Out Here” via the French label Kitsuné, which should be available by early 2020. A show in The Waiting Room in London this December 11th is their next step and much more to come from this promising group.

No videos are available yet for Abc Dialect