Performed in Sofar Chicago and Washington D.C.

8:33 is a multi-genre band revolving around, but not limited to, Soul, Hip-Hop, Blues, R&B, Rock and Jazz. Formed and residing in the South suburbs of Chicago, 8:33 was an unofficial band for about 8 months before officially coming together as a band May of 2013. Each member can and does play multiple instruments so each song has a unique but familiar feel because of their ever-changing line-up. Influenced by a variety of genres ranging from Rap, Pop, Reggae, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Progressive Rock, R&B, Soul, Gospel and many more, they do it all and make it look fun. Their live performances are filled with high-energy and on-point instrumentation that makes them memorable and favored wherever they perform.

No videos are available yet for 8:33