Performed in Sofar Atlanta

The idea of pursuing a career as an artist was never really a thought for Atlanta's budding future star 7AM. In fact, the art of being musician and creative virtuoso, is a construct that has more or less lead him to this juncture in life. "Without music I'd be nonexistent," 7AMsays. "Every song [that I've written] derives from an event that happened in my life, or mindset that I've had throughout the years." Currently the lead artist on Digital Mass, Inc., an Atlanta based independent label committed to his success in and out of the studio, 7AM has released his debut album Sober (1-13-17) and is currently putting the finishing touches on his second album titled NüSoul. It will be another honest, free and raw interpretation of his life's peaks and valleys which has molded his music into something much more then the typical R&B of today. NüSoul will take listener on a musical expedition. Inasmuch, it also promises a relatable ride with which listeners will absolutely identify.

No videos are available yet for 7-AM